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Deeper Music Experiences for the Fans Who Matter Most

Built for Fans and Aficionados

Our platform is aligned with the fans who matter most, the music consumers who Nielsen refers to as Digital Fans and Aficionados. These trendsetters account for 61% of the global annual music spend.

Immersive Music Experiences

We add value to streaming music by building an interactive multimedia experience around it. We partner with major and indie labels as well as other rights holders to offer incredibly deep dives into important catalogs of music.

Authentic Communities

Our proprietry discussion and notification system enables authentic fan communities to thrive around a catalog of music.  Catalog owners enjoy the benefits of owning a social network of engaged fans.

White Label Subscription Service

We give record labels a compelling option in the monetization of their valuable content. A label can deploy their own subscription service to build a direct relationship with their most valuable customers. Fans win because labels are in a great position to offer exclusive content and access to artists.

An Evolving Platform

We listen closely to music fans and tailor our platform to their wants and needs. As a result, products built on the Groovebug Platform progress with the changes in the market. Rather than sinking vast amounts of money into dev shops to build an app that gets old fast, our customers subscribe to our model so their products are always cutting edge.

For a Sustainable Music Industry

We love music. We believe artists should be paid for their craft, so they can continue to hone it. Rather than engaging in practices that devalue music we are committed to adding value so both musicians and their fans get more out of the interaction.

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