Blue Note App by Groovebug for iPad

The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad have forever changed how fans interact with music and their favorite artists. Fans now want immersive, interactive, social, and mobile experiences that move beyond simple marketing apps. Fans want music products worthy of their time.

The Groovebug Platform makes it easier than ever before to bring this experience to music fans around the world.  Best of all, we can help you monetize the experience.

Contact us if you are interested in using The Groovebug Platform.

The Blue Note App by Groovebug was the first Living Box Set built on the Groovebug Platform.   An easy-to-use content management system gives the Blue Note team full access to add/edit content, update features, communicate with users, dig in to detailed analytics, and access powerful marketing tools.  We use various APIs to pull fresh videos and articles into the app from around the web so the Blue Note team isn’t bogged down with constant manual updates.

Features are modular and can be added or removed depending on the project.  For instance, we can pipe in Twitter and Facebook feeds, concert information, and music from other platforms.  Additionally, music and content from apps built on The Groovebug Platform can be easily added to the very successful Groovebug for iPad, to maximize exposure and reach.